In Fall 2017, Yuba City High School Principal, Robert Pogue, approved the transition of color guard to a year long drill team. This meant that we would be responsible for twice as many routines and competitions. New equipment was purchased and Coach Lauren Coats was hired. The team has tripled in size and  continues to grow.  Whether you want to march, perform at rallies, or are just looking for a club to be apart, we have a home for you.

We are still working on our calendar for next year but please check the schedule regularly to stay up to date on practices, workshops, and performances. 

New this year!!! Join our team as part of our Road Crew. We are looking for people to join our team as banner carriers and shield carriers. If you don't have time to be at practice 3 days a week or can't make all the games, this is for you. You will also be able to travel with us to competitions in the spring!
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